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Fuel Gauge


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Hi all. I have a Ford Fiesta fuel tank with its original fuel sender paired up to a ETB gauge. When the fuel gets to about halfway and below the fuel reading will read half and wont go any lower. I got the correct resistance values 20 -120 ohms to match the fuel sender. 

I have a spiyda device but never really got it to sync up.

Does anyone have any advice for this. TIA

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I though the etb gauge was 10-180 ohm.

Ive got an escort tank (I think the pump/sender unit in ford tanks are 10-180) in mine but only just fitted a new etb gauge so will find out on run up to stonleigh.

Will let you know then but ive got a 10lt Jerry can in case 

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Hi dean

My gauge was ok, it went down to just below the 1/4 full before i filled it up again, it did have a moment when it went back up from 1/2 to 3/4 for about 10mins on way to stoneligh but after it settled back it was ok.

Not sure what tank ive got but its supposed to be a ford escort mk5/6 (original tank from RH), looking at the pump/sender  they look the same.

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