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Fuel systems


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i am about to tackle the fuel system and I am hoping for your advice. 

I have a tank with 4 threaded bolts at one end, and a flow/return at the carb. (Sierra DOHC) at the other .

do I get the original sierra submersed pump/sender or are there any other options? Bearing in mind the Sierra pump has a ring fitting and I am not sure how to convert it into the tank.

also, what is the best and safest fuel line and route to take from back to front please (s7 monocoque)






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The fuel line on my car runs along the inside of the transmission tunnel out of sight. The builder used copper pipe which was probably a good idea bearing in mind the way even the proper fuel hose seems to decay. Mine had a sender unit in the top of the tank with fuel pick up attached but as the sender packed up I replaced it and did away with the top piping, utilising a blocked off outlet near the bottom straight into an electric pump via a short rubber hose with a disposable filter before the pump. The copper pipe is picked up by a rubber hose in front of the firewall feeding straight into a fuel pressure regulator then straight to the carbs. All the bits that can be troublesome or requiring maintenance nicely to hand

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Guest MrToad

I used short lengths of braided rubber at engine and tank ends to absorb any movement and the rest I also routed along the transmission tunnel in plastic coated copper. It's very strong bends easily and fittings are plentiful, I also used it to make sure approved by IVA. Additionally as I'm running Fuel injection I have 2 runs, feed and return.

Easily handles the pressure as I had a blockage and gauge read 10 bar without the hint of a leak.

If running through trans tunnel make sure to give enough room around the gearbox, I had to put through steel tube to make sure as tolerance was small (I had routed the tubes under the floor at the front but transporting on trailer flattened them - hence the blockage).

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