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Potential Essex Monthly Meet.

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I've been asked about a potential monthly meet in Essex. We have a few members down that way and there may also be some community users as well.

Interested? - post potential venues and times for consideration.

In Essex but not interested? - let us know why, we welcome any feedback on getting new meets started and the obstacles that we face doing it.

It may be worth starting with something at an existing event or attraction so there's something there for people to see.

If anyone fancies stepping forward as an Area Secretary (either here or indeed any other vacant area of the country) we'd like to hear from you. Benefits are pretty much limited to free membership and occasional feint praise from members. granted it's no real incentive but you might get the occasional warm glow inside that makes it all worthwhile.

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Sounds like a start point  for a essex meet I’m interested in seeing some different builds and sharing experiences not sure yet about secretary roll but let’s get some cars together first. I’m in Marks Tey Colchester who else is out there in essex let’s find a central location. Reply with location and get the ball rolling 😄

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The Essex Kit car club was formed out of the dying embers of Essex RHOCaR you are most welcome to join us for our Sunday breakfast meets last Sunday of the month.

We have 40+ members and a huge variety of different kits and a very active events calendar.

we could discuss some form of affiliation if Essex RHOCaR takes off but in the past not more than 5 turned up and we have 3 of them in the Essex Kit Car club.

you can find us on Facebook or go through me as I am a founding committee member


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I'd be interested to hear what the Essex Kit Car Club have done to build up to 40+ members and why RHOCAR were unable to do the same thing in the past. Feel free to pm me more details. 

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