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Throttle Position Sensor


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I had a few hours spare at the weekend so thought I would take a look at the Zero.  I thought an easy item to tick off the list would be to sync the TPS.

The ECU (Micro Squirt) wiring is simple as it is 3 wires and the instructions say that the blue wire is the sense, grey is the 5v and black/ white is sensor ground. That all makes sense and is pretty idiot proof.

The TPS has 3 wires, which is handy! Blue, Yellow & Black. I have `ohmed' the sensor and this is what i get. I connected the multi meter leads and got the following readings:

  • Black & Yellow, reading starts high and drops when tps is swept.
  • Yellow & Blue reading starts low and rises when tps swept
  • Black & blue, no change to the reading.

Some instructions say that it is common that the Black is ground, Yellow is signal and blue is 5v.  This is how i have it wired and when i do the sync in tuner studio it does not recognise anything and the reading remains at 0 as closed and fully open.

I need to know which TPS wire is which to ensure I have to wired correctly as at the moment the TPS will not sync with the ECU, so need to rule out the wiring before looking into other things!

Thanks in advance




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Blue and black are the ends of a wire wound resistor. The third yellow wire is connected to a wiper than literally ‘wipes’ a carbon pad across the windings as it’s rotated to give a percentage reference/feedback to the ecu. Swapping the black and blue will change the polarity and is most likely rectify the problem as already pointed out. 

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