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Ahoc Northeast Meeting Thursday 12th December

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Hi its that time again as this is the last meeting before christmas it would be nice to see you all

I believe that that there is somthing else going on the same evening but it will not close the Pub and it may be the last time till

spring comes along if the forcasted winter weather comes.

If you cannot make it I lookforward to seeing you all in the New Year.

So Merry Christmas to all you Hoodies out there in Kit Car land and see you at Stoneleigh 2020.

Best regards to you all and be well .


Old Farmhouse Public house A67 Airport road Darlington DL2 1JY

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I am hoping to come down but the forecast for up here is for sleet/snow so iI will leave the final plans until nearer the time to see what happens, My wife was talking about going out that night so I may become the designated driver, why does life have to be so busy and complicated? Hope to see you Thur. But I will let you know  if i'm coming.  Alan

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Hi Alan.

Thanks for your mail the forecast  is looking bad so here's hoping.

Did you get the PM that I sent you,

Harry has been in hospital which was why he was not able to get to the meet. I tried to text you but it would not send so I must have your phone number wrong. 

So hopefully you can make it if not I will see you next year 😊.

Have a great time over Christmas break and hope that the weather is a bit better.

So best regards From Pebbles and Allan

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Hi Allan,  I won't be coming down, the weather here is turning worse as the day goes on not the sort of weather you want to be setting out on a 100 mile round trip, I must be getting old😀 Enjoy you Christmas and I will see you next year. Alan

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