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Unregistered 2B Project for Sale


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Here we have my Uncles Robin Hood 2b, built in 2004. Unregistered. No VIN plate for kit or for Donor Sierra. Sierra Based with 1.8ltr Pinto engine.

The good bits.

  • The car has been kept garaged all it’s life.
  • The car starts, stops and steers.
  • Body work in good condition.
  • Cobeau Race seats. As new.
  • Sabelt 4-point harnesses. As new.
  • The wheels are in near perfect order with Yokohama tyres all round with no wear.
  • New battery.
  • New Fuel Primer.
  • New front brake calipers
  • Single Webber Carb with K&N filter
  • No oil leaks.
  • All electrics appear to work except for the rear fog light and indicators (new flasher relay in the post)
  • Lots of paperwork.

The not so good bits.

  • No VIN plates for kit or donor car.
  • Incomplete engine bulkhead.
  • Incomplete inner rear wheel arches.
  • The large Sierra Rad should really be replaced by a smaller one.
    • The high position of the rad means that the reservoir can only be located where the battery ideally should be (ie higher than the top of the rad)
    • The Rad is at an angle which means it's not close enough to the original fan. I do have an electric fan, but the rad should be replaced first before fitting.
    • I’ve not had this car up to temperature, but I would expect it to have overheating issues .  
  • For the reasons above, the battery is in a compartment in the passenger foot well.
  • The Yoko tyres are like new, but are 10 years old
  • The build quality is varied and a lot of it will require attention if this car is to be IVA’ed.
  • Inertia heater matrix is fitted, but I don't think it's very efficient.  

Selling on behalf of my uncle.

Looking for around £1750 or near offers. I'm based in Bishop's Waltham near Southampton.

Interest / further details via this email address please:-


















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