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Cortina Radiator & Spray Bar


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Hi there, 

This is my first post! 

I recently bought a Robin Hood 3b, and following some work to replace the stem seals seems to have developed a knocking noise. 

I checked valve clearences and they are all good. 

When i was doing the repair i changed the spray bar to one i thought was new... I suspect this may be blocked! 

When doing some reading.... Allot of knocking is reportedly due to a blocked spray bar... 

Does anyone have a spare bar to sell? Or any other suggestions? 

Also i have a radiator leak... I am after a Cortina Mk3, mk4 or mk5.. radiator with the 90 degree bends at the inlet and outlet.

Happy to collect or pay postage. 

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I'm assuming it's a pinto engine - if so have you got 20W/50 oil in it?  Pintos don't like modern thin oil & rattle like a bag of spanners.  The thin oil can also do serious damage to the engine if you run it for any length of time.  Valve & cam noise on a pinto often sound more like metallic tapping rather than a knock.  Can you tell if the noise if more from the head or the block?

You can check the oil flow from the spray bar by dropping the cam cover off & removing the spark plugs.  Spin the engine over on the starter & you should see oil come from all the holes in the bar, onto the cam lobes.  Don't try running the engine with the cam cover off or you, your car and anything near by will get well soaked in oil.  If the spray bar is blocked I would buy a new one rather than risk a used one.



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