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Suspension bushes


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Hi all,

The car has been on the road for 6 years and one thing that annoys me is the seeking suspension bushes. They are the original bushes from GBS and I put them in dry, with no grease.

Has anyone found an alternative or should I buy new from GBS and add some grease? Thinking silicone grease or copper slip but will be guided by you knowledge and expertise.

Thank you

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Hi Mark, think I have mentioned before -- Florin's 'bone bushes were installed greased -- with a grease nipple added ( 1/4" UNF ) fitted at build.  The theory being I could grease the bushes once a year & forcing grease in would help ensure water ( & corrosion ) stayed out.  An added advantage is if the bushes need removing hydraulic pressure will force one out after the wish bone is removed from chassis mount.

50K miles down the road & bushes are still tight but free to rotate --- no three-penny bit action.

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