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2b suspension upgrade from Kit Spares

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Firstly thanks to Richy for advice and photos.  

Left Salisbury At 07:00 yesterday morning and drove 2 hours to my brothers workshop in Honiton.  It was a little chilly.

Ripped the front wheel arch and suspension off.  Installed the upgrade kit and could not get my 17” wheels on as the wheel arch brackets were sitting too low.  With long bars and bits of wood managed to manipulate the arch tubes to the correct position.  Happy days.
Installed the new orange arches with the adhesive supplied. I did not want bolts on the top of the arch. So adhesive was used to get the position and then used fibreglass under the arch to secure the arch against the arch support tube.

very pleased with it and over the winter my oxford blue 2b will be orange.





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Hey I am quite addicted to Oxford blue even though it is the wrong university. Light blue does not suit our cars :(

I also like the clam shell wings keeping the puddle splashes out of my lap :)

I guess that makes me a grumpy old man

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Too soon to say but would say I don’t think it’s worth doing unless you change the rubbish original springs.  I am talking to Dave at Dampertech.

The kit is very good value for money and is well made.  


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