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Pinto fast road cam.

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Looking for a good used fast road cam for a pinto circa 1984 two litre.  Not sure which one to go for,  The engine is unmodified at present but in future, hopefully put two 40s on it.

ALSO, does anyone have a manual choke kit kicking around.

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Kent's FR32 and Piper's 285 are a good choice for either an unmodified or warmed over engine.

The twin 40s will make the most of the cam, but it will work well provided you have a decent carb, eg Weber 32/36.

Personally I wouldnt buy a used cam. You have no idea how used/abused it has been. The camshaft has to be removed from the back of the head, meaning taking the head off, so you need new bolts and gaskets anyway.


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