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2 ltr Pinto unleaded head for sale.

Dave Ed

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I’ve been clearing out the garage and have an unleaded carb head, stamped with a P, in good condition with std cam ( I believe). The valves all look good albeit a bit dirty. 
It would obviously need a strip down to be sure. 
Advertised here first before it goes on on EBay or FB marketplace. 

Looking for £60 and would prefer collection only due to its size and weight. 
Location is OX18, Oxfordshire 










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Dave,  I am interested in this. some questions.

How do I/you know it is unleaded ?

What's the history ? i.e. Was it on an engine that you  scrapped or something ? Was it working ok before it was removed ?

I live too far away, given current restrictions, however I have a sister living in Shrivenham,

would you consider delivery to her for a modest recompense. ?

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Hi Sparepart. 
Its my understanding that the later carbed cars, before the oval efi ports, which were marked with a P, PP, R or RR were unleaded. 
I don’t really know the history of the head. I purchased it about 4 years ago with the intention of porting and polishing it and improving it with a hotter cam whilst I could still use my existing head on the car. A few weeks after I purchased it an EFI head with FR22 cam became available. 
Whilst in my possession the head has been in dry storage and looks to be in really clean condition. The valves all operate and and don’t stick, but will need lapping in at the very least. 
I'm happy to do a video run through if you’d like and am happy to deliver to Shrivenham. 


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