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RH S3 geometry settings


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The recommissioning of my S3 is stumbling forward at a staggeringly slow pace but I’m starting to look at geometry.

tie bars, Gaz coil overs. 180lbs rear 120lbs front and camber wedges.

what are the settings for toe, camber and caster front and rear?

I want to get it in the ballpark before tweaking it on the road, currently it’s a bit lively at the rear but planted at the front.


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My 3a has Protech shocks, tie bars with 180 front and 150 rears I have tried all sorts of spring combinations and found this to suit my style of driving. Camber is set to zero on the front and -1 on the rear. As I say this will not suit everyone but I thought I would post it up to show that there is no firm rules on car set up.

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