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ST170 powered New 111 Monocoque.


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Last spin on Rhocar to see if anyone wants it.

The last and best performing of the Monocoques, Robin Hood New 111.

Built by me in 98/99 not quite in time to avoid SVA but it was a first time Pass on 26 April 2000. Build principle was always function over form. Everything had to work best.

There was a lot of Data on what could/should be modified or strengthened on monocoques and I did the lot.

Front double unequal wishbone suspension. AVO shocks. 130lb springs.

Rear sierra axle correctly rubber mounted, viscous LSD, AVO shocks.

13 Minilite clones, Toyo R888 Proxies.

Steering rack raised/shimmed to eliminate bump steer. Shaft mounted on swivel ball bearing through bulkhead.

Pedal box with twin master cylinders and adjustable balance bar. Mintex pads and shoes.

Engines have been pinto, silvertop, blacktop, silvertop and finally ST170. Raceline ally sump. Jenvey TwinThrottlebodies. Omex 600 ECU. Piggybacking Mtec VVT controller. 4:2:1 tuned length exhaust with excellent collectors. Was 196 BHP on the rollers for a magazine shootout 8 years ago when it had shonky injectors. Injectors replaced but not been on RR since due to health /caring issues.


OK body. Rough glass. Lives outside. Best fitting hood in the club. Doesn't leak. Good mini heater. VDO dash. ECU software on an old laptop.

For the last 8 years I have been caring for a family member who has now passed on and the Hood has sat outside unused. MoT mileage each year but it does look in need of a little TLC.

Spares Nosecone. Side screens. ST Engine. 'Tons of stuff. Take what you want.'

Didnt sell it last winter to someone who was keen but it's only done MOT miles for the last few years and I wouldnt trust it for 200 miles.

So there we have it.Very quick, well handling car to scare yourself in.

Built for someone around 5'6" - 5'8".

£4000.00 . Best to trailer it home and carry off what spares you want.








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