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Hi everyone

We have always encouraged members and guests to ask questions on the forum, and invariably several members will offer suggestions.   However I have recently seen aome questions that I happen to know have already been answered.   It really is good practice in any support forum to do some research before you post a question.

Under "Useful Sites" on the blue banner you will find specific pages for 2B, Series III/IIIa and Superspec models  that cover known problems (The Exmo page is under construction and I am still waiting for volunteers to buile pages fopr the Lightweight, GBS Zero or any other models).

Also the Search tool is very powerful tool, but you have to use it properly.  For example, when I was worried about my clutch rattle I did a search for Superspec clutch. I get 6000 hits, which is no help at all.  The reason, of course, is that it is looking for any post containing the word Superspec or the word Clutch .  But when I seached for "Superspec Clutch" (enclosed in quotes)  I got only 23 hits which were easier to read in full.  As it happened, they solving my problem.

Hope that helps

Al Richey  (Webmaster)

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