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Swap 1.6 for 2 ltr pinto


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Is swapping a 1.6 pinto for a 2lt just a straight swap? Or do other items such as clutch, flywheel, bell housing, starter, alternator inlet or exhaust manifold need changing or modifying in any way. 

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There were many versions of the pinto e.g early ones were points based ignition later ones were EFI with electronic ignition ones inbetween.

They all have the same bolt pattern to the gearbox and engine mounts in the same place.

There are several carbs fitted so ideally you want the manifold for the carb for your engine and for the carb to be jetted for that engine. Of course if you are going EFI you need all the EFI bits for the 2.0pinto.

1.6 came in long stroke and short stroke versions, the long stroke is the same deck hight as the 2.0 the short stroke is a bit lower deck hight but should not cause problems I cannot rember what the difference is but 2cm comes to mind.

So it should be a relative easy swap.

Clutch and flywheel should come with the new engine.


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Every thing is the same  one out other in check clutch for ware before you put it in and then find out it don`t work

done this about 500 times in my time as a ford mechanic many moons ago now.

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