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1.4 Duratec wont run on bike carbs


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Hi Guys,

Ok so i dont have a kit car but was told off a mate that you guys are a helpful and friendly bunch (However my mate and I did build a GPz1100 engined Locost a few years back)

In a nutshell i have a 2006 Fiesta that ive converted to bike carbs with a Nodiz ECU.

The problem i am having is it fires up (with a manual choke) and runs like a bag of spanners.
Ive junked all the EFI but for the life of me i cant get past the below issue and was just wondering if anyone could offer any insight into this.

Please see the Youtube vid i have uploaded below.

Thank you in advance for any help and advice offered.

Kindest regards

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Why on earth would you do that? Most people convert TO FI, not the other way round 🙂

Sounds to me like you're not running on all cylinders ( I mean the engine but I'm not sure about you either 😀). Check you're getting a spark to all cylinders? And carb setup but I know nothing about carbs...

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To check if its ignition, if you have a strobe sensor put it on each spark plug HT lead in turn. You should see a regular pulse/flash.
If its irregular, check the nodiz setup in more detail.
to check if its fuel ,pull the plugs, they should all have similar colours. You may find one or more is either black & sooty (rich) or light grey (too weak.) Is the exhaust smoky black (too rich)? I cant see anything on the video.

Post pictures  of the plugs to help us more.

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