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As our longer serving members will know, the Club started life as the “Robin Hood Owners Club”, and it was later changed to “Robin Hood Owners Club and Register” (RHOCaR).    Even I don’t remember the reason for that change, I expect someone can enlighten me.    Then a few years ago we could see the membership was shrinking, for the logical reason that no new Robin Hoods were being produced.  So we decided to rename ourselves to the “UK Kit Car Club” and welcome owners of any type of kit car.  

This has been very successful and we now have members with a wide variety of cars.   However, one thing still remains from the old days and that is the forum address of www.rhocar.org.   So, looking to the future, we have now registered a new address of www.ukkitcarclub.org.   In the future we will migrate everything across to the new address, but meantime it is just an alternative way of accessing the forum.  Although there is no real need for you to change, I would encourage everyone to start using the new address in correspondence, advertising or signatures so we can be ready for the move.

Al Richey (Webmaster)

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