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What benefits from rebore


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Still trying to find out exactly what has been done engine wise to my 2.0l pinto, digging through even more receipts I've found these 2, bores have had a 1mm rebore, fr33 cam and I've found a reciept for the new psitons that were fitted, I'm guessing these wouldn't be standard pistons with the bores having a 1mm rebore, maybe a stupid question now but does this make it a 2.1 pinto? Roughly what kind of power could I see from this setup?



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Hard to say without much more info. It looks like you have 2046 cc.
The fr33 cam is a second stage fast road/rally cam. Its quite a radical cam, designed to work with other engine mods.
What carb/s have you got? What have you done to the cylinder head?
We can have a guess at HP with that info.

Standard pinto bore is 90.82mm


With the standard stroke of 76.95mm you get the following capacities


92mm bore = 2046 cc

93mm bore = 2091 cc

94mm bore = 2136 cc


+125 refers to an oversize of + 0.125" = 3.175mm so 93.995mm bore.


94mm is stretching the limits of a standard 2.0 block and once it's worn it's scrap as it can't go out any further.

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Thanks Bob, unfortunately I know nothing about the engine as it was in the car when I brought it, all I know is twin webbers unsure if 40s 45s or another, I know the heads been skimmed and ported but unsure about much else, here's a picture of the carbs, maybe that'll shed some light as to what carbs they actually are


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