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Sva With Windscreen

Guest Si_P

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Hi all


The SVA still looks like it may be a short while away but I am starting to consider the condition the car needs to be in for the test.


I would ideally like to SVA it with the windscreen on.


Has any one achieved this? and how much more awkward was it (in comparison with no windscreen)?

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iv not put mine in for the sva as yet but as its cold and rainy out for a good few months to come i fort i may as well fit the screen wipers and washers ,its a pain to do but it was well worth it to see them all fitted and working


so if your not going to be useing your beast untill the wether is better you should go for it and fit it cos you will want it in the spring and you no you have still got to fit the screen so do it now and have fun in the car when ever you want too


just my way of thinking and it keeps you in the garage and out of the way ha its worked for me


plus iv just fitted all mine in the last two weeks so ya can allways ask me what to do next


good luck




p.s sierra wiper motor and arms are so much fun you will enjoy cutting and welding them

honest you will

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Guest chris brown

There is no problem with SVA with screen fitted providing it has the rounded frame Post march 2002 I think. With a frame earlier than this you will have to spend time filing and polishing the edges up to get the right radius on them.

Wipers and washers must work Mini wipers are the easiest to fit. Washer bottle from a mk3 escort or similar is a nice size.

Demisters must also work but heater is not a requirement

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Guest salty_monk

How do you get demistors to work without a heater?? (or do you mean you don't need to be able to direct the heat anywhere else for the SVA??)


Have a unit blowing cold air or go for one of those electric ceramic heater jobs perhaps??

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demisters MUST have warm air, this was one of Bugsy's fails,

you could use ceramic heater things but they are not very good(PC answer)

Its realitivly easy to fit the heater from a VW Polo, and there are excellent for keeping you warm in winter.



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iv got the electric heaters that robinhood are selling there not the ceramic type but have a fan inside realy its a gloryfied hairdryer but running from 12v mine work dead good iv steamed the screen with the kettle and put the heaters on and it had gone clear in a few seconds

they allso fit nice under the vent holes

when i got them from robinhood richard said cut a bit of the airvent away but i never botherd just incase it passes like they are then i can take um out when i get a pass and i can pass them on to the next person who needs them for the sva



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Guest Friar Tuck



Dredd and I both got our Super Specs through SVA with the screen on, and I know that Bugsy has fitted his as well.


Failure points for mine were : -


Radius on screen support.

Cured this by putting small snap on trim, all round the support bracket and also in the triangular cut out. This snap on trim was smaller than the RHSC supplied trim, and I got it from M&M in Spalding. 6mm across the "U" section, and 9mm deep.


Wiper Sweep

Dredd didn't fail on this, but I had to modify the sierra wiper mechanism, by cutting and adding 10mm to the central sweep arm on the motor.


I used the electric demisters as supplied by RHSC, and they worked well.


Make sure that you connect up your washers, and you shouldn't have any problems.


If you need any further info, ssend me a PM with your phone no, and I will call you.


All the best




By the way, if you put your location in your profile , there mayt be someone nearby who can help and advise on SVA .

Edited by Friar Tuck
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The electric fan heater ones sold by Car Builder Solutions work well
I agree, they do work well.

I'll bet that in 6 months time you won't be saying that!

The precut holes in the superdouperspec for these things is a mistake (Although there's possibly no room for anything else, not looked) I have one of these, which I used whilst I didn't have a heater fitted, and it's barely better than nothing. If you can fit a heater, in anyway shape or form (The Polo one is a good one) then do so, don't go for these unless there is no alternative!

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Guest paul thompson

I passed SVA with screen fitted to my 2B. I used a Mini type wiper system (I got it free from Morgan Motor Co, nice chaps) and a modified mini heater piped up to the vents. The modification is to use half the sierra fan and motor assy which is much more powerfull than the mini joke of a fan. Used the Sierra heater controls and connected the direction cable to the flap handle on the mini heater and the temp control to a water valve. Works a treat.

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