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  1. I have the standard non turbo rover unit
  2. Peter Do you have a part number or details on the bearing supplier, My clutch is on the way out and it's replacement is on my list of jobs for this winter.
  3. Treavor The connetion from the bell housing sounds like the crank case position sensor and there should be a connection to the engine wiring loom which lis located by the inlet manifold from memory. On my super spec there was no wiring in the loom for the reversing lights and I had to add it myself. Tel.
  4. Well its taken 6 months longer than expected. But I am pleased to say that my Super Spec passed SVA at Shrewsbury yesterday afternoon Although I have not been a great contributor to these forums I have been avid reader and have always been able to find help and guidance from searching the various treads available on the ROHCAR community. So to all of you who have asked questions before I need to and those that have provided the answers thanks for for your help. All that remains is to cut some red tape at the local DVLA office and get it registered.
  5. Tel

    Super Spec Fail

    Hi All, My super spec recently failed SVA at Shrewsbury on a number of minor points most of which are now done. However one of the failures was on speedo calibration. I had fitted the blue/grey speedo drive gear with 25 teeth (can't remember the part no) but the inspector said that this was showing 2mph less that the true speed @70mph. Should I revert to the yellow gear or would this make the situation worse or is there another gear I could use.
  6. thanks for the help it's now sorted
  7. Could anyone help me with a wiring diagram for a Durite hazard warning light switch?
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