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  1. Great to meet up with you Rob. Really nice day out and plenty to see in very relaxed atmosphere.Thought I would try joining small parade around the site, but car decided to misbehave when starting in 1st or reverse, tramping i thing this is called ,which made the procession not too enjoyable.Got Home ok though. Therefore more work required on the car. Rob, you have done an exceptional job on your 3A and you have given me something to aim for with mine,look forward to seeing you at another show in future.Cheers
  2. 4 years and approx 200 miles per year,hoping this will go up. .Don,t know what I am doing as not worked on a car for 30+ years, and things very quiet with the Kit Car scene in North Wales. Midlands a little bit of a slog, not even sure if the car will go that far.
  3. Hi to everyone, apologies if any errors as first post as new member.Is anyone attending the Transport Rally at the Ironworks Museum near Oswestry on 15th July? Will be my first show and only had the 2B for four years! Cheers, Graham
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