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  1. 31 minutes ago, Darren Watkin said:

    Hi everyone   me & the wife intend to come over from Newark in our tiger would love to join in with this cruise , any idea how many kit cars will attend ? Is this normally a popular show depending on the weather    regards Daz

    Last year I think there was around 30-40 kits on the run. This is a club organised event which has been getting bigger each year. Everyone is welcome if your a member or not makes no difference its all about having fun

  2. Well where do I start lol.


    Custom water rail with oil cooler water feed and return

    Fit fan switch

    Custom grill

    Custom vent

    Custom rear boot cover

    Re powder coat windscreen supports

    Paint wish bones 

    Refresh carpet


    All while still working as we haven't been shutdown yet

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