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  1. Should have really noticed that haha
  2. Matt brown


    Might be a bit early but was wondering if many were going to the Stoneleigh event, and if so who fancied meeting up before hand say for breakfast at a Mc donalds then going down together?
  3. Might be a stupid question but it's my first year as part of this club and was wondering what EOSB is? Thanks
  4. That's ok then thought something might have been broken, the bushes do look a bit old and cracked to be fair. Thanks
  5. Might sound stupid but when i break I can see the front mud guards tilting forward with the wheel assembly has anyone else had this problem?
  6. Thanks longboarder that's very helpful when it decides to stop raining I'll be doing this as will give me about 2-3in more then I can move into the steering wheel
  7. photo uploading screen shot Hope that helps
  8. I was hoping that I would just be able to slide the black part of the colum through the ally bracket as that would give me about 2in more room this in turn would push the triangular part of the colum further into the upper portion is this not possible then? If not I'll have to remove the bracket and move it to the other side of the mounts, ideally I don't want to be cutting the steering colum if it can be helped
  9. Iv been trying to adjust the position of my steering wheel as I'm a big lad and was wondering if anyone knew if this part could be pushed in further to move the steering wheel closer to the dash? Iv undone the bolt but couldn't seem to move the colum through it, any help would be great how to use print screen
  10. I just moved from Leicester to Coalville so not far really, what time do you normally meet? It will be nice to finally meet some other kit owners as im new to the scene and would be great to hear other people's experiences. How many people normally meet?
  11. Hi guys new to the forum so sorry if there is a more appropriate area to put this. I just got a Robin Hood s7 and was looking for other people in the Leicestershire area to meet up with and was wondering if you have regular meets?
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