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  1. I'am 5″8 foot. but I have to bend my left knee mostly all the time. on longer straight roads, I stretch it under the pedal. I bent the gaspedal a bit to the Front, that's better. But I don't know, if I could do this with the clutchpedal. I think I need all the way to opne the clutch. So, if there is an better way, I want to try it.
  2. Good Morning, I read there are maybe several pedal boxes. Is this so? If yes, what are the differences? I have a Problem with my left leg and the clutchpedal, it's to near. Is it possible to change this? Seat is completely in the back.
  3. I found the problem! The engine was also available with an catalyst. So I used unleaded petrol. Now I read in an workshop book that you, if you did so, should turn the ignition timing a bit later. Since the engine works good while running, I decided to ad lead addition to the fuel. It works! No more hot start problem. It could be so easy!
  4. But one question, when I stop the engine and try to restart it immediatly - should there not be enough fuel in the carboretor? Rember: it's always the same situation.
  5. I received the Packard and everything was ok. Thank you. I tried the mechanical fuel pump in cold condition, there it works fine. Maybe I should really check it in hot.
  6. That's all checked and ok. In cold Status, the engine starts in first turn, also in hot status after 10 minutes. I think it's a problem with heat and the carburetor. I took a hose with a fan nein to it to cool it. It don't work.
  7. Thank you for your repley. 1. Ok, there are three straps 2. Ok, no problem 3. Batterie is new 5. The engine turns The starting problem is only while the engine is warm. When I wait about ten minuten, everything is fine and the engine starts on the first turn.
  8. Hello togethe, I've a hot start problem with my Robin Hood. When I get the engine on 80° Celsius and turn it of, I have to wait about 10 minutes to restart it. Normaly it's not a graet Problem, but when I stopp at a Gas station to refuel, I had also to wait. Mostly I have to push the car away from the gas pump. That's not so funny. Has or had anybody the same problem, or could fix it? Thank you and greatings form the very warm Germany Gerhard
  9. That's exact the way I did it at the left side. I let you know how it works. Thank you.
  10. Perfect! That's what I'm looking for. I bought it! I hope it's the right-hand side driveshaft. Thank you so much.
  11. That's what I mean. And it's really the best war to solve the problem with a new driveshaft. But it's impossibel to get a right-hand side, even at eBay. There are many shops wich offer it, but not in stock. Anyone with an idear?
  12. OK, I try to explain. If you want to replace the bellow, you must open the black parts you see on the link, I've postet. These parts, I don't know the englisch name, so I call them Bell, are on this side which you stuck the drive shaft into the rear axle differantial and the wheel hub crimbed to the toothed axle. So if you want to disconect the tripod bearing spider wich is inside, you must open the flare and pull the bell down. then you can disconnect the tripod, pull the Bell and the bellow from the axle and replace the bellow with the new one. Now you have to replace the Bell too, but
  13. Here is an picture complete drve shaft. The "Bell" are the black Parts at the end. drive shaft
  14. Thank you Martin, but this is one part of the Problem. I get those bellows. but there is an other part you must replace. It looks like a Bell and is crimped on top. The bellow is on the foot of this "bell". To change the bellow, you must open the flanging, disconnect the Tripod, then you can replace the bellow. That's the Problem. I can't get this "Bell".
  15. Hello together, my problem is the drive shaft on the right-hand side. My Robin Hood Super Seven is based on a Ford Sierra from 1986 with the 2 litre Engine, 100 PS / 74 Kw. The drive shaft bellows are in no good codition, so I have to renwe them. But in Germany I can't find a new drive shaft, or even the bellow-set repair kit. Has anybody an idea where I can get one complete shaft or repair kit for both sides of the shaft? Greatings from Germany Gerhard
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