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  1. No I haven’t , sounds really low but I could see how that helps, thanks for the advice!
  2. Thanks guys - all useful info. As this is just a fun car for me I don't worry too much about tyre wear, my main issue is that in the wet it is literally like driving on ice. The Camber seems a mile out. I am having it checked as a pre next Sat morning. Then coming to the EOSB to compare with other cars. I have ordered camber correctors so that I can try them and have the camber re-measured. Still not made a final decision what I am to do.
  3. Hi, Does anyone have a dipstick for the short tube type that they want to sell to me? Mine is the longer one so incorrect for my engine. Cheers Ray
  4. Thanks for the info guys, one last question. I have tried booking the car in for tracking and camber measurements etc but they have told me that they usually type in the reg to get the correct measurements for the car. Are there any correct measurements for a kit car? ie what the tracking etc should be set too? I'd like to get this done before the meet next weekend.
  5. Thanks guys! don't know where I would be without this support. So It looks like I have a short sump only requiring 2.6 litres. I used 10/40 so tomorrow I will drain and fit new filter and 2.6 litres of 20/50 - Perfect!
  6. Hi Guys Yes it's me again, the annoying bloke with lots of questions! I Picked my car up last week and before I drove it home I checked the oil level. Bang on maximum. However at low revs the oil light would flicker. I put this down to the oil being stood for 3 years while car was not being used. Today I decided to change the oil and filter. A quick google revealed the 2.0 Pinto engine should have around 3.8 litres of oil inc filter? firstly is this correct? secondly I drained about 2.6 litres out the engine. I have now put in 3.8 litres but the level is about twice as far as the maximum line on the dipstick. So my assumption is the car may have the wrong dipstick? I have attached photos of the dipstick and sump in case anyone can offer me some advice. Thanks in advance Ray
  7. Thanks guys, I am definitely going to the EOSB so will give me a chance to chat about the issue and compare with other vehicles. In the meantime I am going to get the camber measured. Thank you so much for all your responses and support.
  8. Ok I'm a bit out of my depth here, is the suspension adjustable? if so if I raise it it, will increase my camber? I could really use a recommendation of a garage that could look at my issue. I'm ok with general maintenance and electrical work but suspension is a bit out of my comfort zone
  9. Good idea! at the moment even when I'm driving very carefully on a damp road it is extremely twitchy at the back. - What if after the shim is fitted the numbers are still not acceptable? what would be the next step?
  10. Thank you that is really useful information, so I take it it is like a shim?
  11. Hi Guys I've just purchased my first Robin hood (love it! ) and am looking for recommendations in the midlands. I have attached a couple of pics but they don't really show the issue very well. The car I Have has a lot of negative camber on the rear. What should this be set to? Also why do so many tyre places that do tracking say that they cannot adjust the camber? I have rang 3 garages so far but no luck. I live between Coventry and Leicester so ideally somewhere in that kind of area.
  12. Hi mate, do you have any pics under the bonnet? feel free to whassap me Ray 07507834505. I'm going to view a car tomorrow but if I don't go for that I will come and have a look at yours.
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