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  1. Just a quick update.... All sorted after purchasing a sensor fro RS Components. Cheers again!
  2. Cheers Chris & Dan......really appreciated!
  3. Greenie

    Carpet 2B

    Carpet, why on earth would you do that? I will just ring Lewis and see if he is planning a shagpile for the opening race in Ossy ...... Ha Ha
  4. Hope someone can assist and confirm my suspicions.... I run a Smiths telemetrix speed which gets the input from a revetoc speed sensor located at the front o/s wheel, at the rear of he sensor tree is a small LED which apparently should flash on rotation. My speedo suddenly stopped working on a run, and after further investigation I have discovered tat the LED is constantly lit, hence pointing me in the he direction if a faulty sensor.... Is there anyone out there who be may be able to confirm my suspicions? Kind regards Peter
  5. Greenie

    Shift Light

    Anyone on here know how to wire a shift light into a 2ltr Zetec Blacktop?
  6. Well everyone I owe you all a BIG thanks and I would if I could and that is buy you all a beer, it turned out to be the pump in the end, fit another pump tonight and it fired into life...... What a relieve this has been, totally stumped at the beginning, but with all the expert guidance from the experts on this forum I have managed to solve the problem. Again thank you ALL so so much, it has been very much appreciated. Kind and respectful regards Peter (Greenie)
  7. Cheers Nigel, that's my first stratin point tomorrow night.... I will let you know how I go on......
  8. Hi it happened to me when I had the car and i reloaded a map, it was a little temperamental but must admitt did run a treat, had some great fun creating my own maps. I would deffinately start with a new map I sod the car with a lap top holding loads if maps, s this the same lap top?
  9. The nine is a 2ltr Blacktop, it is the in line high pressure pump, before the breakdown I would normally switch the ignition on and you cod hear the pump kick in and tick for a few seconds then it would start as soon as you pushed the start button. I have discovered that when I place a separate live and earth it goes to short out......... Which leads me to believe the pump is at fault?
  10. The pump is an inline high pressure pump..... Come on Nigel!
  11. When I placed a direct live from the battery to be pump and then try to connect a separate earth it shrts out, hence this is telling me my pump s faulty, which was replaced about 4weeks go. ..... Going o try my old pump back o tomoz, which has a slight el, but may prove a point, what o you think.......?
  12. Hi of course I will, t is very puzzling, may I also add tat yours is my old Robin Hood which has a megajolt ignition system, it was prone to losing its default map, do out have the ed and lap top to reinstate a map?
  13. Thanks Simon, Not sure what ECU it is, just that it is tucked away under the scuttle panel behind the dash, I will do as you say and start with all the connections etc...... Peter
  14. No start after breakdown ..... Please help! Can anyone out PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME.. Took the Indy out on Wednesday night and it was running great, until about a mile from home, the engine just died without any indication. At first I thought it was out of fuel so directly went to get some fuel via he wife, anyway big do's and little do's it didn't respond, turned over but no start. Got I home and my first thoughts were the usual fuses etc. and the feed to the fuel pump. It was not doing the usual ticking but nothing. So checked the power to the pump and put the faithful test lamp on it and when you turn the ignition on it lights up then goes out. Put some live to he pmp and it runs. Is this a relay issue or ECU issue, I am totally baffled and really do need some help and guidance, so i would appreciate anyone who has any clues on his very worring concern?. The engine set up a fuel injected 2ltr Blacktop. Regards A very worried man
  15. Where is my old 2B Plus?

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