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Found 7 results

  1. Not wishing the weather changes but starting to get ready for winter projects. What are the best springs and shocks for a Ford zero? Any part numbers and suppliers would be good. Thank you
  2. Hi technical experts, I need new suspension bushes for Ford based Zero, I have used GBS ones but they have appear to failed after 1200 miles. Does anyone know of another supplier who sells them? Maybe better material.
  3. Guest

    2B Rear Suspension

    Sorned the car on Sunday. Judging by the weather on Sunday and today I may have been a little premature. Anyhow, I have started my winter project of replacing the rear shocks and springs. I have no problem with the mountings but wondered what poundage of spring to use and what length of shocks to go for? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Also, while doing this I was wondering if I should fit camber wedges. I have heard mention of these many times. I understand the principal but could someone please explain what these are and where should be fitted? Is it worth fitting them?
  4. Hi. I'm putting rear wing on 2b, followed old videos exactly, I don't lik the large gap between wheel and wing. Does adjusting coil overs higher and lower car or just harden and soften suspension. Many thanks. Dave
  5. Hello All I am piecing together my Zero and have a few suspension questions for the old hands out there: 1. The front suspension bottom ball joints are held in place with 3 bolts each side. I have noticed that the GBS-supplied nuts have been squashed a bit on one side to make them off-round. I've never seen these before, so here's my question - do you apply a locking compound to them or just tighten to the specified torque and leave them? 2. Out of interest, does anyone recommend applying locking compound to nyloc locknuts? 3. Do you use washers on the nut / bolt for the bottom ball joints? There aren't any supplied in the fitting kit. Many thanks for your help BB
  6. Guest

    Gbs Zero Breaking For Parts

    GBS Zero – For Sale List After recent hard financial worries the car is going to have to be sold and unfortunately the best money following Femsters sale seems to be in pieces, which is a real shame but here goes. I am based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire M1 J38, M62 J24/25, but will be in Warwick on 20/21 October and London the Tuesday before so can meet up, but funds must be cleared through Paypal before I load. Please PM if you want any parts, they will be taken off the list as funds are recieved, the rest will go on Ebay in 10 days time, first offer to the guys on here. I will post the smaller parts and will agree a cost with the buyers. Narrow body chassis complete with wishbones, panels, loom, brake lines, master cylinder and lighting is also for sale, but not until all the other parts have gone. See the bottom of the post for the link to my Photobucket account where the car can be seen. Engine & Gearbox - £2200 (SOLD) 2003 Honda VTEC S2000 F20C Jap specification, 24000Km. Everything included except exhaust, wiring to suit Emerald ECU. 6 Speed gearbox fits Zero nicley. Cost me to present sate £3200 ECU - £500 (Sold ALFAGTA) Emerald K6 ECU, 10 months old never powered up or used c/w new plug base map and USB connector. New £700. Lambda Sensor - £175 (SOLD) Tech Edge 2J2 system, Bosch wideband sensor & 50mm display pod with digital real time AFR reading. Can be used in conjunction with most of the common ECU systems including Emerald. All new never even powered up. New £250 Seats - £250 Lotus Elise CW runners, slight marking to the lower bolsters at the front. Cost me £350 Ebay Dials - £250 (SOLD) ETB Dial Set. Digital Speedo 80mm, 8000rpm tachometer 80mm, Fuel level, Engine temp, Volts & Oil Pressure. White back, chrome bezel orange needles. New £420 High Pressure Fuel Pump & Bracket - £80 (Sold ALFAGTA) High Pressure Sytec fuel pump up to 280hp with annodised blue aluminium bracket. New £120 Low Pressure Facet Red Top Fuel Pump - £50 (SOLD) Low pressure red top fuel pump kit, mounting bobbins, various output / input size tails. New £75 Fuel Tank - £110 (SOLD) To suit a zero, custom made with extra 2 gallon capacity, central bottom take off and 2 return / vents. Professionally made as new never filled with fuel. Cost £150 Differential LSD, hubs, brakes, etc - £450 7” 3:62 LSD reconditioned 5k miles ago, driveshafts, hubs with new bearings, new calipers, disks and pads. Willwood 4 pot Calipers - £285 (Pete Mar) Willwood 4 pot light calipers with fitting kit to suit Sierra uprights. Grooved disks and pads, all new never used, complete with new flexi hoses suitable for Zero and other kit cars. Cost £420 Wheels & Tyres - £350 (SOLD) 17” TSW 5 spoke alloys, brand new with Yokahama Prada 205/40/17, one wheel has a mark but nothing major, full set of new chrome wheel nuts. Cost £550 Handbrake Lever & Cable - £30 (SOLD) Sierra handbrake and new disk brake cable custom made to suit GBS Zero. Steering Column and 11” Mountney Steering Wheel - £40 (Sold CB750) Ford Sierra collapsible steering column with 2 keys, Mountney boss x2 and 11” steering wheel Radiator and Fan - £80 Standard GBS coolman radiator and fan, new as supplied never fitted Mocal Remote Oil Filter Kit - £60 (SOLD WITH ENGINE) Remote oil filter kit, various new hoses and fittings, never used. Ford Sierra front hubs - £80 (SOLD) Reconditioned with new bearings, assembled to vehicle but never driven on. Prop Shaft - £100 (SOLD WITH ENGINE) Sliding shaft with standard Ford diff flange and 6 hole flange on other end. Cost £350 fitted but never ran, either end can be changed for less than £50 by any prop shaft company. 600 -700mm Long Rislen Coated 16 toothe spline. Made to cope with high speed 250hp specification. Shock Absorbers - £280 4 x Gaz shocks to suit Zero, fitted to vehicle but never used. Cost new £380 Zero Narrow body Wet weather Gear - £250 (Steve8274) GBS Zero Narrow body wet weather gear, doors and hood roof hoops, etc as new never even unpacked. Cost new £360 Windscreen - £100 (SOLD) Windscreen and surround as supplied by GBS new. Air Rivet Gun & Impact Gun - £45 (SOLD) Both used but in excellent condition new over £100 Fan - £15 (SOLD) High speed multi blade radiator fan. Swirl Pot - £50 (Sold ALFAGTA) Swirl Pot as supplied new by GBS Many Thanks for looking Chris
  7. Guest

    Robin Hood S7 Rear Suspension

    Hi All, About 6 months ago i bought a half built S7, Since i have been reading that the S7 are more work to get a IVA Pass. I will have lots of question but i would be greatfull if someone would give me advice regarding the rear suspension. the guy who originally built the car put coil over suspension which is great but would you have a look at the attchd picture and give me your comments as im not sure it will pass IVA inspection. Thanks in advance, Nick
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