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hi guys and girls , just completing a light weight with a 1700 xflow 140 bhp can anyone tell me the design weights ,or how to work them out, also i believe pre 73 exempt from emissions just visible smoke test ,can anyone tell me the engine numbers for xflow up to 73 or how to read them many thanks graham :huh:

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Beware the design weight is not a simple measurement of the actual weight phone Robin Hood for there design weight and have a look at this page from the SVA manual.

If it is not clear enough email me with your addressvand i will send a copy of the SVA manual.

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hi thanks for your replies engine no is hs 11031 hope you can assist .


with regard rhsc and detail since rs departed detail is not forthcoming i have asked for design weights and been fobbed ofim not sure they know, my name and address is graham coles woodlands sundon road houghton regis dunstable lu55np .please let me know your postage and costs and i will refund many thanks graham :gdit:

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In theory crossflows date 67 to 80 and HS is either 68 or 87 so it should be 68.

You would be best to write to:-


Ford Technical Information Centre

Ford Motor Co

PO BOX 300



Helpline is 0906 5533447

Tel: 01922 725 551


This will give you a letter proving engine age for SVA.


As for design weights if RH can't supply you might have to work them out ensuring they exceed the actual weights. If Warwick's weighs 610kg with, say a 310 front 300 rear split, then gross weight is 760kg with max permitted front of 352 and rear of 408. Quite how you relate those to design weights and ensure SVA pass I haven't sussed yet but as I may be going to assist with an SVA in a couple of weeks I will ask. Anyone going sooner feel free to ask the examiner.


What do 2b ers put on the form for design weights? And what were the actual axle weights when tested? Anyone?



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okay 2b on form i put (as RH said in video)


axle 1, 450

axle 2, 650


gross weight 1100kg



actual at test was


axle 1 438kg

axle 2 523kg


gross calculated weight 962kgs


Above is not the actual weight of car only design and laden weight calculations,


these are done for the brake tests, so the brakes are calculated capable of stopping something of this design weight.


Hope that makes sense



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