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After barkston i want more power

does anyone have any figures for adding bike carbs to 2.1 pintos wondering what sort of increases/ loses you get. got the carbs allready thanks to my mate binning his blade... just need manifold from gbs. also what fuel pumps are people using mine is still using full EFI set up

( worth the money or not )




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Guest salty_monk

If you're using the EFI currently you might need to get a Dizzy too I think... You will probably lose some MPG & won't feel a lot of benefit unless you fit a high lift cam, vernier pulley & a adjusted advance curve dizzy too & get it well setup.


With that setup you can expect 130 - 135bhp roughly, more if you do some valve work.


Dan :)

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I get 25mpg+ cruising at eco speeds.. see my sig for my spec.


Fuel pressure is a problem, a tad' too much pressure and the bowls will over fill and dribble out fuel from the top air vents.. i'd say around 1.5psi, so you'd need to change your injection pump to a very low dribble pressure pump as like from a bike. Even the std pinto mech pump is too powerful without a regulator to drop the pressure down..





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Im with Dan on this one.....

Most tuning gurus recommend starting with a cam change before anything else.


The bike carbs & a cam like Kents FR33 will make a fair difference on their own, about an extra 20HP.


Head mods & bigger inlet valves will add another 10-15.


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