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Guest benpducker


can anybody help me I'm after a 2.0l unleaded cylinder SOHC head. Either that or a palce to get a fairly cheap but quality conversion. I've looked on E-bay and they're going for £150+ and obviously i don't want to pay anywhere near that much. Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations that can help.



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Guest Ian & Carole

Stick with what you have and use an additive.


We use it on both the Daimler and Beauford.


Just put some in the tank before you put fuel in, not been an issue with either of them so far.

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My donor has been using the additive with no problems for years. Although I might change the engine after IVA but for now I'm going to keep using the additive. Stick with it unless you have problems with your valves and seats.



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what additive do you recommend?


Millers. Wynns, Redline, Halfords do Valvemaster which is very concentrated and therefore you get more tankfulls fo the bottle, they also do Valvemaster Plus which adds a couple of octane points.

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