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  1. Hi Allan Sorry the shockers are used. Shocker has eye one end Threaded 2 1/2 ins at the other total length= 18ins open 13 1/2 ins closed From the centre of the eye, to the middle of the mounting point on the rubbers at the otherend its 12ins closed 16 1/2 open. =4 1/2ins travel HTH jon
  2. phone 01670853737 email address johnlhood7@gmail.com jon
  3. This Sierra donor (approximately H Reg) has been standing outside for about 7 years. I stripped it down last week and most of the parts are pretty rusty, hence the low prices. No returns, all parts bought as seen and by pick up only (15 miles north of Newcastle Upon Tyne). H/brake lever £10 Steering Column (shaft & tube only) £5 Wiper motor (complete) £10 Flexy steering coupling £10 Complete back axle, subframe, shafts & brakes £60 5 speed gearbox £80 Prop shaft £20 2 Rear springs £10 Anti roll bar £10 Steering rack £10 2 front struts and uprights (complete) £30 Servo £10 Master cylinder £10 Pedal assembly £20 Heater box £10 Gearbox-to-engine plate £10 1600 Pinto engine (smoking) £40 Back lights £10 Centre console £10 Loom (it has been choppeed) (free) 5 x Ford alloy wheels 14" £80 Viscos Fan £5 Petrol filler pipe £5 2 rubber engine mountings £10 for the pair Also available: 2 NEW Sierra steering racks £70 each 2 NEW Front shockers and springs from a Robin Hood 2B £10 2 NEW Rear shockers and springs from a Robin Hood 2B £10
  4. I have a 2B+ and its not a sierra rack its about 2" shorter than the sierra one dont know which track rods are used but it has sierra track rod ends HTH jon
  5. Anyone interested small planes coming in and out all day .Vintage and classic cars .Military vehicles burger and hot dog vans and cafe Just turn up its on Sat & Sun this w/end. About 10 of us go on the Sunday The post code is NE65 rQJ jon ps=Sat &Sun 20th &21 June
  6. On the sierra if the rubber insulator on the gear lever is removed it will rattle HTH jon
  7. To be on the safe side use a dolly or a front end lift HTH jon
  8. The metal part of the pad does not seem to be fitting properly onto the caliper. and the disc seems a lot thicker on one side Think wrong calipers or disks HTH jon
  9. Think it has to be 17 or 19 mm rad on bottom edge of dash.Cut plastic or rubber tube or hose.(only one cut ) Cover with vinyl or the same covering as the dash slot or glue on HTH jon
  10. Best bet is hammer and chisel.There's enough plug sticking out to use a chisel, give it a few bats from one side then a few from the other, trying to unscrew it anticlockwise. I've had quite a few to get out, but it,s not easy to get at. HTH jon PS if you get it out, get someone to weld a big nut onto it so you can get a spanner on next time
  11. My garage is only 9ft high and its got a 4post lift in it leaving about 4ft under the car I just use an office chair to move about under the car. Changed G/box Engines Diffs everything you can think of in that space I've seen a shallow pit under a lift to give a bit more space you can pick up a lift for £300 to £500 HTH jon PS get one where the hydraulic ram does not go through the roof
  12. Lots of cars: Pre-war Classics Commercials Motorcycles and anything Interesting. Hoping for quite a few Hoods and other kit cars. Be there before10.30 to get onto the field been to the last 2 shows its very good Hope to see you there jon
  13. Make sure both pistons on each wheel cylinder are free HTH jon
  14. It's at Eshott Airfield Felton Sat & Sun. A celebration of aviation There will be Vintage Classic Cars, Military vehicles etc If anyone's interested all sorts of small planes taking off and landing there are icecream and hot dog vans no charge if your taking a car in the field but I think they would like a small donation about 5 of us are going on Sunday taking Hoods and MGBs meeting up at 10.30am at Morpeth baths car park or hope to see you there jon
  15. THe cause can sometimes be tyres. Try swopping front ones left to right HTH jon
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