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Seat Belt Upper Mountings

Guest MarkLarge

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Guest MarkLarge

When I built my DOHC robin hood 6 or 7 years back, my kit came with 4 mountings welded to the cross brace behind your ears. The harnesses supplied with the kit bolted to 2 of these montings each side. I had no SVA problems with this.

My son has purchased a part built 2B and we are just starting to put it back together having taken it apart to start again.

His 2B is about 2000 and only comes with one mounting on each side of the crossbar.

I have searched the forum and got some information but could someone let me know what seatbelts would be appropriate for his existing mountings or should we get some additional mounts attatched before we get too far with the build.

To be honest i found having to strap myself in with a racing type harness each time a right pain,but my son will no doubt think they are great!!




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Fitted inertia reel belts to our 2B+ as both my wife & I will be driving; she's 5' 2" & I'm 6'. On all our cars it's been a right pain adjusting static belts due to driver or clothing change. Our belt top mounts are fitted inside the vertical of the roll bar & the reel is inside the vertical lines between top & bottom cockpit chassis rails,i.e mounted on inside of chassis but other side of reel box against outer panel.

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Guest Captain Daz

Hi Mark


I bought a 4 point harness and had to weld another 2 mounting tubes on to the rear of the cross member.


My 2B is a 2001 model so similar to yours.


I also believe you have to captivate (weld) the nuts on to the underside of the tubes so the bolts can be removed without the need for access to the bolts. Not sure if this is still the case with IVA. But if you're busy welding on the nuts you could weld on another pair of tubes.


I prefer the four point as I feel more secure than with a 3 point inertia. Nothing to do with safety but being 'strapped' to the car and in tune with it. Each to their own I suppose.


I did search for a 4 point with three mounts (i.e. the shoulder straps meet as one) but they all seemed to be the ones with a very long shoulder extension.


Good luck with the decision.





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Here they be :-

The belts are Securion for rear seats,mounted so reel is outboard of webbing run to roll bar mount;can find part number for belt if required.



That's great... hadn't thought of bolting to the roll bar...


Thanks again. :D

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A 5" curved plate with 7/16" UNF nut welded to it has been installed inside the rolltube (should just be able to see M5 button head setscrew in one of the pictures holding the plate (1 of 2)),access gained from bottom after removing shock top mount. A bolt through the tube will not do unless you weld a crush tube in as well.

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