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Won't Turn.....huff!


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I am after some advice / help. :help:


Last week the hood started 1st time no issues what so ever. :D


Come Friday I turn the key and it is as dead as a dodo, all I get it a click from the starter motor. :o


I have check the battery, a healthy 13V, I have checked the ignition coil, the impedance is as per the Haynes Manual (just trying to rule a few things out by checking the coil)


When the low tenion (+ve) side is disconnected and the ignition is engaged the Voltage across the battery drops to 4.5V (the Haynes manual suggests this should not drop below 10.5V)


What further tests can be undertaken?


My next task was to retrace all the wires for the starter system but I don't wish to do this if not entirely necessary.


Any help apprciated.





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I would suggest that you try a jump start first to see if it will start, if it does your battery has a problem, if not then start looking deeper. I had this problem a few months back & a new battery sorted it out HTH.



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4.5V sound a tad low to me - I'd expect at least 9V, even with a stuck starter. Modern batteries do have a habit of working fine one day then dead the next.

I'd go with Mike's suggestion and try a jump start from a known good battery.


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Not necessarily a battery problem at route cause, but first things first. Charge the battery up, that done you can do a load test on the battery, that will tell you if it's knackered or not.


If it's OK, now see if it starts, if it does, then it's not the starter.


My money says that you have a faulty diode in the alternator rectifier, allowing the power to *leak back* this is a common problem on the Lucas A127 alternator (fitted to most Sierras)


If this IS the problem, don't worry, there is a guy on e-bay that sells a kit so that you can refurbish this alternator completely very reasonably. see ebay item 160628808836. I can recommend him, I've used his products a good few times now.


If you do fit one of these kits, be very careful when fitting the brushes & holder, it's very easy to get the brushes tilted and snap them, otherwise you have a recon alternator for £20

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