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  1. ACG


    also ebay lift off hinges
  2. ACG


    try www.cbsonline.co.uk they sell them
  3. happy birthday emma enjoy your day
  4. happy birthday big fella have a good one
  5. well spotted chris I will have to paint them again
  6. fame at last that's my car with the bonnet open
  7. both me and gary are in and have spare seats
  8. dino don't give him any ideas he bad enough as t is
  9. ACG

    Ive Lost The Plot

    how much is a lot in bhp
  10. ACG

    Hollowell 2014

    great weekend spent with great friends.will be there next year
  11. cheque in post for me and gary both days
  12. yes please for me and gary looking forward to seeing every one.hope terry can make it
  13. got mine today just need the sunshine to take with me
  14. garys broken his collar bone and my cars booked in for mot sat
  15. ACG

    Pinto Efi No Fuel

    check injectors using a set of noid lights loads on ebay cheap check to see if they are fireing
  16. hi I used a product called seal all not cheap but dose the job
  17. try car builder solutions for wiper arms
  18. yes please after sampling your delights at past shows how could I refuse gary said please as well
  19. ACG

    First Start Up

    well done now get the rest done no time for beers
  20. [at this rate you will still be doing the engine conversion next winter get your finger out Stoneleigh in 14 weeks
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