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Sliding Pillar To Wishbone Conversion

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Ibought the kit from gbs around £600 and you still have to make extentions for steering rack/rods no written instructions just have to work out what to do from pictures on dvd not ideal


Is this a kit to convert sliding pillar to double wishbone front suspension ?

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I belive this is the kit that you are looking for, it was £530 and GBS would fit it for you for £300


was the 530 quid a recent price from GBS? I would be looking for a garage to carry out the work, if you do it yourself you need welding kit right?

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The pictures I posted from their site were from 2008 so would expect the price to have gone up but you can always ask.

I am sticking to the sliding pillar with my own mod's with shorter springs and adjusters, Also new top mountings for Avo shock's.

The picture attached is without the new tops.






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Hi those pics look like my car, which i loaned to gbs for the prototype conversion. ( I recognise some small features which tell me its mine ).

Well worth it in my opinion.

I know it seems a lot compared to the value of the average 2b, but it will change your car so much.

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