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Engine Poor Running


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Hi, I've had issues with my engine for a month or so now, but I've not been using the car of late so haven't really tried to fix. Anyway, the car feels like its running out of petrol and cuts out. If you leave for 5 minutes it will start and drive okay, but if you accelerate hard it bogs down at high revs. I've stripped the carb, changed the coil and blew back the fuel lines. Still the same. Last night I checked the timing, again ok. Sprayed wd40 around card area but no leaks identified. Not really sure where to go from here?


Any suggestions welcome..............Andy

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Guest mower man

Have you used silicone sealer on tank at all i.e. sender unit ,it sounds like a case of gorrila snot in fuel line or debris in tank ,well goosed fuel fiter? HTH mower man

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Hi, just had an hour in the garage. l was still using the original ford sierra fuel filter so l removed it, using the return pipe as a vent for the tank and just connected the fuel in direct to the carb. Took the car for a quick blast with no issues. l think it's best to leave like this and fit an in-line filter.


Thanks for all the advice, much appreciated...............Andy

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