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Hello, after many years of looking, considering and wanting a Robin Hood 2B I have taken the plunge. Recently I had a baby daughter and most men sell their 'toy cars' but I did the opposite and bought one!! I have purchased a 2B which was featured in the Autumn 2009 edition of Boys in Hoods, and can I say how chuffed I am!!! If anyone out there would like to take a beginner under their wing and share knowledge of things like days out, where I can get parts from, good websites and anything else you think I need to know then please feel free to knowledge me.


Many thanks



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Hi phil and welcome to the club. It might be a good idea to set your location in your profile.

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Firstly put up where your from that may help with days out etc.Join the club too ,you get cheaper insurance plus other benefits.

Pics of the car will help identify it and what do you plan to do with it.


This will help in giving you the best places to go for the things you want.


And lastly ..welcome to the forum. 8)

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Hi Phil,

Welcome to the madhouse. :crazy:

Put up a few piccies of the car as someone on here may recogonise it. You won't meet a bunch of friendlier, helpful like minded souls than this club......especially if you have a sense of humour... :crazy:

As others have said, put your location in your profile, it helps others to help you.... 8)

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I can only see two 2B's in the autumn 2009 edition, so it will either be the stainless and blue car that used to be Tony Roger's or the stainless and yellow car that Graham Coles finished and was taken to Italy by Buzz.

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Thanks guys, I have added my location, I am in Wakefield. The car I have is the yellow one Buzz took to Italy.

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get your self to newark in june on the 15 and 16 a few going of here.

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close enough to the south Yorkshire crew. im in Barnsley and tazzman and mark b not far off. Get yourself to the todwick meeting its a great place to hang out/talk cars/drink a beer/abuse other members etc etc 8) 8) 8) 8)


Newark is the next show, but we are known for popping out on an evening for a quick blast or two if your up for it.

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Cheers, I'm not far from Barsnley, I'm in Woolley, loads of country roads! Will look into what u told me so could be meeting you soon!

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Only just up the road from myself and Marcus. Marcus is in Barnsley, I am in Wombwell... :drinks:

Would be good to meet up at some point. As Marcus has said, definately try to make a club area meet. Can drive down together in kits or tin tops dependant on weather etc. 8)

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local meets are always the best 1st step to getting to know the local members, over time you could make some great friends. The combined knowledge of people on here is massive so ask any questions technical or otherwise someone usually knows the answer.


Look out for the s.yorks meeting post in events, we meet 1st weds of the month

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    • By Spats
      Hi, I bought an old 2b with sliding pillar partially built - 2 years ago. Lots and lots done, basically rebuilding the entire car, bit of an engineering project!! and we have just completed a GBS wishbone suspension rebuild on the front and replaced the damn awful pillar suspension! The car currently has a mg metro steering rack on that we have removed. I want to go to a ford rack to match the sierra track rod ends and extenders we now have. Would a mk2 escort match or what have other members fitted? Any help would be appreciated
    • By Tweedy
      I'm putting my 2B+ up for sale as it is getting so little use.
      The kit was purchased in September 2005 and the car was completed in February 2008. It passed the IVA test first time on the 8th of February 2008.
      The car is registered as a Robin Hood and is on a Q plate.
      The current MOT expires on the 30th of July 2018.
      The engine is a Sierra 2L DOHC fitted with a Weber 28/32 TLDM carburettor and a Motocraft engine management system.The fuel tank is aluminium.The gearbox is an MT75.
      Full weather gear is included.
      The bonnet is hinged in front of the windscreen.
      Wheels are 15x6 alloys fitted with Yokohama 205/50 tyres.Suspension is via Gaz adjustable coilovers.
      ETB gauges were fitted in November 2010 together with a birch faced dash.
      Engine cooling is is via a Coolman radiator and electric fan.
      Sabelt safety harnesses are fitted and a fire extinguisher is included.
      A new battery was fitted last year.
      A jack, spare fuel pump and engine management module are included.
      Price £3000
      Let me know if you require further details.

    • By Simon Parish
      Well its come to that time when I have made the decision to sell my 2B.

      So here goes:

      Its a Robin Hood 2B with a 2L Pinto engine with an injection head.

      It Has ZX9R bike carbs on a Danst Engineering Manifold

      Type 9 5speed gearbox and sierra rear end.

      Martin Keenan Custom built Silencer - giving it a sweet noise and put a smile on your face each time you start it

      It has Full weather gear that fits

      Has a set of 5 Uniroyal Rain sport 3 tyres that have done around 400 miles since fitted last year ago.

      There are numerous other spares that will be sold with the kit. These include a Front Geometry kit purchase form GBS for the vehicle but never fitted, A brand new set of GAZ shocks that are still in their boxes.

      The paint on the body is flaking in a few places, but its superficial, just a rub down, some primer and a respray and it will be as good as new

      The log book is correct and its registered as a Robin hood 2B
      Its MOT'd until April 2018. Its covered 16,708miles
      I'm looking for £3995

      I'm located in Crawley - will answer all questions and anyone who wants to view the kit with an eye to buy is welcome

      Picture of the kit are here:

    • By mgzslad
      Hi Folks
      Had a dramatic change to my life and need to let my project go and I thought I would offer it to the members on here first.
      It is a Robin Hood S7, Ford Cortina based Kit. It must be 20 years old but it has never been completed.
      There is also an Mx5 1600 as a donor.
      I want the whole lot to go as one. I will not sell off individual parts so don't ask.
      S7 monocoque and bonnet in stainless steel. Rear wheel arches, nose cone, Butterfly and cycle wings plus all brackets. ford Rear axle. Front sub frame. Steering rack. steering wheels, ford and Momo. Crude dash with Rover instrument cluster. Ford instrument cluster. Windscreen and brackets. Carpet set. Hood set and frame, brackets and turn buckles. Stainless Pinto Exhaust. 5 alloy wheels with new tyres. Nuts, Bolts, bits and pieces. Ford wiring loom, Rover wiring loom. Front and rear lights etc. Boxes and boxes of bits. Edge trim. Stone guards. Wing mirrors etc.
      Complete Mx5, part stripped and not drivable but was all working prior. Newish soft top which would sell on Ebay for at least £100. Good alloys again sell on ebay at least £100. Many other good parts that would sell. It would all help to reduce the cost of this project if you have the space and time which I now don't.
      Collection would be easy with a decent size van and an A frame or trailer. The photos show the actual car but the complete one is just to show what it could be like.
      My costs have been in the region of £1000. The first £450 can have it. NO OFFERS, SWAPS OR SILLY BARGAINS. CASH. I don't mind holding on to it till after Christmas but would like £250 up front as a none returnable deposit and show of good faith.
      If not sold it will go on ebay starting at £500.
      If you are interested get in touch via here and we can make arrangements to view.
      Thanks for taking the time to view.