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Sliding Pilar Suspenion Up Grade Wish Bone

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For starters here is your shopping list:


Two Sierra front hubs preferably with discs and calipers. You might want to replace the bearings as well.

Two dummy struts.

Two pairs of top and bottom ball joints

Two sheets of stainless steel to replace the side panels that you need to cut 700mm from the front of the chassis should be enough

Two steering rack extensions

Two pairs of wishbones, obviously!

Set of bushes and crush tubes.

Two coil over dampers.

Replacement or modified cycle wing brackets.

Mounting brackets for wishbones and coilovers. Either fabricate these yourself or buy them from GBS.

A coded welder for welding the mounting brackets. This not a job for an armature.

And of course Lots and lots of patience. It is straight forward it's the setting up that will take the time.


One word of advise. Check all the current measurements befor to take the sliding pillars off. Like the wheel base. Wheel centres in relation to the chassis. When I took mine off last year I found the drivers side front wheel was 15mm further forward that the passenger????


Finally, I would suggest you build in castor adjustment this should be between 3 - 8 deg





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HI paul


GBS will do it for you. not sure what it would cost though. give Richard a call at GBS and see if he will give you a quote.

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I would leave the pillars alone, just make sure they are set up properly. They will work fine. Not as good as wishbones, but still fun and driveable. Only real issue is undesteer in fast cornering, but perfectly manageble. I had mine out performing wishbone cars a couple of years ago around Barkstone. I have posted previously on how to set them up somewhere near to optimum.

Better than spening £1K IMHO :db:

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As I mentioned before its not a difficult conversion to do its just took me a while to design my own mounting brackets. I didn't want to use the cross member type supplied by GBS. Making sure you have the set up right before final welding also takes time for this you will need a castor and camber gauge. You can tack weld the mounting brackets during the set up. If there not right they are easy to gring off to re set. You can do all of this yourself. The only thing I would recommend is using a coded welder for the final weld. You don't want any welds failing when your on the road.

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Thanks for that it doesn't look to bad to do I'm start in couple of months time as enjoying the weather thanks for all your help there may be more needed when start but now seen the link i feel more ready cheers

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