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Windscreen Glass

Robbie 2B

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Guest chris brown

Template and local glass co is the way to go but you need 4mm laminated if you can get it otherwise any thicker is very difficult to get into the frame.

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I've had a couple of screens cut at a local glaziers in 6mm laminate. They don't fit with the standard black screen rubber, so I just use silicon. cost is usually £30-£50 (Mine's more expensive due to being bigger) HTH Nick

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Agree with Nicko, I had a laminate screen cut (6mm laminate) cost £35, used black silicon to seal in the frame.

If you want the original toughened screen, i've got one in the garage you can have.


Drop me a PM if you want it

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Thanks for all the replies. It would appear that a laminate replacement is the preferred option.


Al, if you have an original one going spare how much do you want for it? At least I can use this as a template. Please sent me a PM.


Thanks again.



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Guest iank

Like Nick and Al, my screen is 6mm laminate.


An alternative to silicon, I got some 1mm rubber strip off of ebay for about a fiver. Fits a treat, with the help of a little vasoline, and allows you to dismantle easily.



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Guest mower man

Personaly would only use laminated ,I 've lost one eye to toughend screen don't have much option ,like others local glass co 6 mm lam ,silicone 40£ ish mowerman :clapping:

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