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C20Xe Into 2B

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Hi all

I've Decided to go for the c20xe option into the 2b, also been offered a '92 Sierra 1.8lx manual. Would it be worth buying the whole car rather than sourcing a gearbox? What bits are needed from a Sierra to get the xe into my hood 2b I already have a Sierra rear diff and prop. Thanks in advance for any help

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Message Ickle on here he done the conversion not that long ago

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Just fitted Steve in Stockports old c20xe, i used the zx6r bike carbs and a megajolt, (had the cam pulley machined to be a 36-1 trigger wheel) you will need a bell housing to mate with the type 9, (consider other gearboxs that will fit straight on) otherwise well happy with mine Nice power level in the 2B easily controllable but has grunt!


if you need any help drop me a pm, literally just fitted this in my 2B.



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Got a C20XE in my series 7 and very happy with it. Runs on a couple of 45 webers and a non ecu setup but pokey enough and dead simple too. A very torquey set up. Good luck with your installation, there are plenty of knowledgeable people on this forum who will be able to guide you should you need it.

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