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Gearbox, Gear Selection Issue

Mark Cosh

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chaps' having some issues getting to know the car. the gears seem very close together particularly 1st and reverse. also feels very lose [may be me as other car has T5]. Are they supposed to be like this? read a few posts about the saddle? is this easy to access?


any suggestions to check?



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Did some pics a while back. Took a lever apart to show the parts but don't take yours apart. It's a destructive process. I used a cheap plastic kitchen chopping board for the spacer. Inserting one E clip gives a good action for me. You could insert two or three depending on thickness of mounting spacer and feel of the result. One important point. Measure the change in position of the ball on the lever and make sure the spacer is the same measured thickness. This keeps the end of the gear fork/saddle in the same relative position on the selector shaft.




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Spend 50 quid and buy a shortened leaver on eBay, hard work is done for you and it bolts on I'm 5 mins. Transforms from trying to find a gear in a bowl of soup to loading a rifle. Worth the money.

most available short shifts make the shift too short and make the shift very notchy. In any case it is more satisfying to make your own.
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