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Help! Going Backwards! Starter, Inlet Manifold And Timing!


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As many of you will know I've had plenty of teething problems, that's continued today.

Thought I had the starter clunk issue sorted with a new one, how wrong I was! However.... It still clunks but only when the ECU is connected, or more so the coil pack. So a ignition timing issue? The leads are all correctly plugged in the correct places, the most confusing thing of all is it has run!!!! Not very smoothly but it's run none the less!


Also to say my inlet manifold isn't flat would be an understatement! Maybe upto 1mm out with two different flat edges to check. Pic shows the gasket, I thought that was a clear sign of an air leak but maybe it's just where fuel has soaked down? What do you think?


All help gratefully received, quite a low point!


Also huge thank to Lewis (blue) for his help today!!


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having unplugged ecu does this mean you are running the eddis 4 if so this should be at 10 degrees bftdc when I plugged mine into comp it was at twelve I still have got to find how you change this cos the eddis should be a fixed 10 degrees

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with the megajolt you still have coil pack and eddis 4 which is the ford ignition unit which will allows the engine to run at a fixed 10 degrees bftdc whithout an ecu fitted once you have fitted the ecu the engine will rev cos there will be ignition advance according to which map you have loaded onto ecu

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Just a random thought. As you've been messing about with the starter have you bashed the crank sensor (the thing just above the starter pointing at the fly wheel) and broke a connection or maybe not got it plugged in?

That has just occurred to me, had just pm'd join thinking the same, it's almost as if it's sparking on an upstroke.


As above though, the engine has run, and does rev up when you get it running.

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Guest davidimurray

Which omex are you running?


Have you checked the base timing? I.e with a timing light while the engine is cranking over by and pulling the fuel pump fuse/relay


Tb balance makes a massive difference to how smoothly things run. I have had mine popping and banging back out the manifold and running like a dream after setting the balance.

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Google confirms omex does the eddis job so no need. The crank position is detecting the crank or I'd not have spark and fuel etc. I assume the crank sensor controls the timing?

The flywheel can only go on one way? The 1.8 fly has the same position markers as the standard 2.0?


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