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Free Wheels And Tyres

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Hi all,

I have 4 Sierra alloy wheels with good tyres that I do not need. I fitted these to my 2B when I took it for the IVA test as they passed the IVA requirements for Wheel Guards due to their narrower width (my current ones are right on the limit so didn't want to risk it).


Two have ContiEcoContact tyres and two have Dunlop SP10's.

All are 175 65 14 (82T).

All have loads of tread depth, in fact the 2 Conti tyres have only been used to and from the IVA centre (Coventry to Birmingham and back).


They are this type of wheel:

https://dl.dropboxus...11 12.01.37.jpg


Free to collector, from Coventry.



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Hi Trev


Have you got any pics of the wheels?


Hi Richard,

Yes, as Bob says above, there is a link in my original post to a picture of one of the wheels. They are 4 of the same. If the link doesn't work for you let me know and I can email you the picture.



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Above you can see I gave away 4 great XR4x4 alloy wheels/tyres 5 years ago, now I’m after one (or similar) to use as a spare! Anybody got one that’s cluttering the garage and wants out of the way? Cheers, T.

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