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Drive Shafts - Will These Fit?


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I feel stupid now. Been out for Sunday tea but had a read after you mentioned they were comprerssable and guess what? They only bloody compress each end, I can't believe we didn't spot it/try it earlier.


The thing is everything's so expensive I'm being too gentle. I've not tried fitting again as its late, but I am certain they will now fit. It also makes perfect sense they would be like this!


No such thing as a stupid question right? I'm learning lots, that's what it's all about :)


Thanks for your help.

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That's right. The only stupid question is the one you DIDN'T ask :)


I know the feeling about expensive stuff. Once I'd got the nerve to start drilling the expensive new chassis ... :)


Have fun fitting it all. Did you get the Diff overhauled before fitting it with new seals ? If so, take care sliding the drive shafts in that you don't disturb the new seals.



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Guest Ian & Carole

Cheers, I will definately have fun tomorrow evening! Yes the diff was fully refurbed including new selas, ill take care not to disturb them in a hurry.


Put plenty of lube on the seal lips when you fit the shafts, not only will it help the fit but prevent burn when they spin up for the first time which can happen if built dry.

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Sorry I know this is an old post but I am fitting these compressible driveshafts on to my zero and I was wondering how much can they compress safely. I can compress them by hand to within about 10mm after that I need to use more force. Is this safe to do? Or am I going to damage something if I compress them to much?

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Inside the CV you have your tripode joint and normally there's a spring and a little cup in there that just push the joint back out - the danger is that (while driving) you compress the joint to the point you use up all the travel and smash the tripode into the end of the CV cup; this would end up damaging something (probably wrecking the tripode bearings or even smashing/splitting the CV cup I guess, in extreme circumstances). They should compress by hand relatively easily but build up resistance due to the spring - there will be a natural point where you can't compress them any more. "More force" sounds like you're just pushing against the spring - you won't damage anything here, that's fine. You'll get to a point where you've used up that spring travel and your tripode is hitting the end of the CV channels they run in - you don't want to be hitting this when the driveshaft is level (ie. when the wheel is level and the shaft is at it's shortest point). You want a bit of leeway... likewise at full bump/droop, you don't want the tripode pulling all the way out of the CV!

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