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Hi all I'm after some advice. I'm thinking of going down the pedal box path instead of using the sierra pedals that I currently have. What do I need to get it all working. I'm thinking of top mounted pedal box. I have a line for each brake, cable clutch and cable throttle. How do I connect it all up. And what do I do about brake servo.


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have a look at comp brake or OPD for boxes they can complete with everything or buy as components , i.e. master cylinders with reservoir or remote with hose or combined cylinder the hardest part is actually fitting the box.

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In your position I would think again.

Sorry and this is not intended as an insult, but having read your previous posts on this and other subjects I think you are at or maybe even past the extent of your knowledge and this is a safety critical part of the car you're dealing with.

Fitting an after market pedal box doesn't give you the option to have a brake servo, which is what has led you to think about heading down this path. It will also ivolve some structural work to the car so that you get a good solid fixing of the box or you'll get flexing of panels and pipes which will give you poor feel and possible failure of the pipes.

There are a few otions open to you that may provide a solution:

1 How much does the new manifold interfere with the existing servo? Can the servo, the cross bar and the existing pedal box be mounted any higher to give the clearance?

2 There are smaller servos available, measure your available space and get down to a breakers and see if you can find a servo and cylinder that will fit in the space, then you need to sort a fixing to the cross bar and new pipework

3 Fit a servo and cylinder on the bulkhead in front of the driver as is the case with most of these cars and attach to the Sierra pedals

4 Fit a cylinder without servo as above, the tandem one on this page is more than up to the job of stopping you without servo assistance

5 Fit a cylinder as above with a remote servo in the nosecone and pipe it up accordingly

6 Have whichever pipe/pipes on your new manifold are in the way reworked to clear the existing servo and manifold

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I had to change my braking system when I fitted the Redtop engine.

I wanted to keep it a simple as possible so

I kept the Sierra pedal box for the clutch & throttle, but removed the Sierra brake pedal,

I fitted a single pedal and a tandem master cylinder from Rally design.

iT works just fine with standard Sierra brakes, & doesn't need a servo.

It does take a harder push but to my mind has a much better feel, & is less likely to lock any wheels.

I did fit two big spreader plates to the floor & bulkhead with bolts, no welding needed.




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