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Run Out Over North Yorkshire Moors


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Hi all

One of the lads at work is organising a run out on the 31 of may.

The run goes over the north Yorkshire moors stopping at a pub for lunch, then to Scarborough for fish and chips.

The cars that have said they are going 2 jaguar xfrs tr6 stag 3 Porsche and me hope i don't let the kit car industry down.It sounds like all we will be doing is eating and driving mmmm sounds good.


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The guy who organising it was going to talk to the pub owner of the first stop catchup point to see what the best time was to get there.

but i think he was going to set of from drax club around 10 to 10.30ish, getting to Scarborough at 4ish.

Seems you've got it covered what ever the weather.


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Sorry for the late reply.

Were most people are meeting is at drax club house which is outside of drax power station at 9 to 9.30 on

sunday morning. From there we go York, Thirsk, Helmseley ,Guisborough, Castleton Hutton-le-hole, Rosedale abbey , were we stop at a pub called The Coach House, to let us regroup and have some lunch if you want some.That will be about 1ish. Then of to Grosemont were Andy intends to stop cos he likes steam trains and regroup, Next its of to Low Dale and the tarmac stage of the Dalby Forest rally its nine miles long and it costs 7 pound to drive it, also it has marshals who report people doing daft things.

On to Scarborough around Olivers Mount race circuit which is a road circuit. We end up in Bridlington 190 miles in all.

So my car is playing up at the mo but im hoping to have it running, if not in with my mate in his boxter.

If its easier for every one you can meet at mine and then on to drax


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Guest Tim Norman

I would love to join you as the North York Moors and Guisborough is my old stomping ground, but it would be just shy of 350 miles and the best part of 10hrs. I would need to be towing a tanker behind me or £80+ in fuel.

I am not discounting it yet. When I put in Drax Club house it brings up 3 possibilities, which one is it, Golf Club?

Edited by Tim Norman
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