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Reversing A Blacktop Water Pump


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rigged up a zetec water pump a while ago so I could test the flow rate when reversed here's the result.




would like to repete with a reversed impeller but don't know if the outlay would be worth it.

anyone want to lend me one?

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Guest 2b cruising

A good practical demonstration to show people the impotence of fitting the correct pump for purpose.

It would also demonstrate the loss of airflow caused when using a push bladed fan in a pull bladed situation.

The blades are shaped to do one of the two jobs only.

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Luckily the zetec pump is in such a position that you can run on either side of it and still get good transmission of drive. Adding an idler above it and far enough across to the near side of the car reverses the direction of rotation so the pump works as normal.




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looks a bit more untidy and a little more difficult to achieve good belt contact when you put the alternator on the other side of the engine.


like I said I'd like to see how well a reversed impeller works I might have to buy one!


nice looking motor btw.

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finally got a reversed impellor and repeated the test have a look at the vid and I think you'll agree it does seem to work.


the only other modification I did was to remove as much of the web inside of the rear casing as I could see photo.


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where did you get the reversed impellor from ?

I actually used a slightly modified 2.0lt dohc 8v one I'm in the process of trying to cast some aluminium one's wont be for a couple of weeks as I have to go to Sweden for 10 days or so, work always gets in the way of fun!!

Watch this space!!

they are also available on the Bay for around £80 + postage!!!! I'm hoping to lower that cost considerably, as soon as I have any news I'll be sticking them in the for sale section , might be a while yet though.

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Yes I've been looking at them bit expensive for a really good one could well be a possibility though.

Not going to Sweden now so might get a casting done this week see how that works out I've got a mate who is a metal recycler so materials cheep

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