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Sierra Starter Motor Pt Number

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Search on eBay.

As fat as I know you have3 choices.


High amp

High torque.

High torque is supposed to be the mother of all as drives through a reduction gear. Between £150 to over £200.

High amp 140 ish can find them at around £70. This would be my choice.

Standard 70 amp ish from about £40

Well worth looking through the bay and forming your own opinion and knowing what you want to spend.

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Hi all, thanks for the replies. My problem is that when i contact suppliers through ebay etc they all ask for a part number. No part number no starter. Is there a way to post pics on this forum to see if anyone recognises the motor? The dimensions are Total Length 9ins Body and mating face Diameter 3 1/2 ins Ten spline drive. Solenoid approximately on top.



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This unfortunatly is typical of of parts supply now if they cannot put a number in the puter they are lost ,try a local auto electrics company you may have more luck. when buying parts for my mono car Halfords kept asking for reg no but it was on anon age related plate a few years before the car was built :aggressive: mick

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Do you have the.doner reg on your car.

If yes, what was the model and year?

This should be enough info.

That's how I found mine but my engine is a Dohc.

Friendly ford dealer should be able to help.

Or give me those details and I will try for you.

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