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Wanted good builder to convert and extend outbuilding to garage.

Basicaly brickwork and wall removal

Roof not required as inlaws are roofer

Money ready

Anyone know of anyone

Need it up for kit

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Jaimo - I can give u a local guys number - don't know if he can help - but known him from school - he works on the housing developments etc and his dad runs a building business but works for himself on weekends or projects


text me if your not sorted and ill pass on your number - he is away on honeymoon at moment - he stupidly got married ;)

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Never thought mate to be honest I will call him

Just seems like no builder wants to know and them that do want to build brick walls on existing concrete drive which I know is not right as should need proper foundations and outbuilding walls knocking out they basically ask me what I want to do with walls and lintels etc that's there job isn't it

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