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It's only a quarter of the actual video. The camera split it up into 7 1/2 minute clips. And yes your right about the location. This means the quality is recognizable. I was absolutely thrilled by its quality.


I did wrap the Velcro strips around the camera just to make sure it didn't come out of its housing from bumps too.

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Aren't genuine SJ4000s dearer than this camera? I thought they were around the £50-60 mark depending on spec.

I've done a bit of digging and it does indeed look like a copy of the SJ4000; the giveaway is the box design and the lack of logoing on the front of the camera. So, in fairness to SJCAM, I think a genuine one would be better quality, certainly on the whitebalance... but you're still paying £60 for one rather than £15!


Again, I'm not trying to be one of those naysayers, I agree it's good value for £15 - but an SJ4000 it 'aint, I think. I don't own one, but from what I've read, the image quality is supposed to be equal (if not better) than the base model Hero's.

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Cracking pic I reckon. I'm wondering where it is setting its focus. Does look to me as if on the nose of the car! I may well be wrong. To improve it I would mount it higher so that it can be angled down slightly more to have more ground and less sky. And it could do with a firmer mount as there is some vibration which the processing will hate.

£15? I'll have two!



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i have real sj4000 although id say the quality is a little better on mine

that is a video from the wscc parade lap it was only set to record on 720p

i still dont think the above camera is bad for the money

can i ask where you got it from for that money as i wouldnt mind one for the front of the car like yours is mounted


the reason i record at 720p is it records at 60 frames a second 1080p only does 30 frames a second but

my camera records in 30 minute blocks at 1080p because of the card formatting so at 720p i get alot more footage in one video

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